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Within this page, you can explore my experience within filmmaking. I've had the great opportunity of exploring many different roles on a plethora of film sets. I particularly enjoy writing, directing, acting, producing and art department/set design. 


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I have accrued extensive professional experience in the field of film since the age of 14, during my eighth-grade years. During this time, I initiated the establishment of BHS Highlights, a student-led organization, in collaboration with fellow students. Together, we undertook responsibilities at our local television station, BCTV, to produce a student-oriented news program tailored for our high school community.

My role within BHS Highlights encompassed a spectrum of tasks, including operating monitors, managing the control console, and configuring microphones for hosts. Moreover, I assumed the responsibility of hosting the show on several occasions. Our production endeavors extended beyond the confines of the studio, as we actively covered events and games within the high school premises to deliver comprehensive news coverage for our audience.

In addition to my involvement with BHS Highlights, I seized the opportunity to intern with the Lonely Seals Film Festival. Throughout this internship, I engaged in the critical assessment of numerous films and scripts submitted for consideration in the festival. Working closely with the festival's leadership team and fellow interns, I contributed to the discernment and selection of high-caliber films and scripts for inclusion in the festival's lineup.


During my time at Syracuse University, I was an active member of the Omicron Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha, a professional cinematic fraternity that prioritizes gender inclusivity. In the recent past, I held the esteemed position of Standards Chair on the executive board during the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Within this capacity, my primary responsibility was to uphold and reinforce the organization's rules and standards. Collaborating closely with fellow board members, I addressed various issues and challenges confronting our members, ensuring a harmonious and productive environment.

My tenure as Standards Chair provided invaluable experience in governance and human relations. I adeptly facilitated discussions, conducted professional judicial hearings, and offered effective solutions to diverse matters. These competencies have proven instrumental not only within the realm of film but also in my professional interactions with other entities and industries.

Within Delta Kappa Alpha, our collective efforts are directed towards enhancing the film experiences of all members. We organize informative workshops covering a range of topics such as Industry Education, Diversity Panels, Screenwriters Circles, and Cinema Literacy. Additionally, we undertake the production of a film each academic year, providing every member with an opportunity to collaborate on a comprehensive film project within a fully operational set. Through our collaborative endeavors, we strive to continually elevate the standards and opportunities within our organization.

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For the Fall Semester of 2023, I spent my time in LA interning at Film Independent. During an insightful experience at Film Independent's Artist Development department, I played a pivotal role within the esteemed Project Involve program. This initiative, aimed at fostering emerging talents, tasked me with assisting in the coordination of the new Fellowship program. Utilizing software such as Microsoft Suite, Submittable, and Jotform, I meticulously reviewed applications and scripts while working closely with program heads to ensure seamless operations. This experience not only enhanced my understanding of artist development and project management in independent filmmaking but also provided valuable connections within the creative community.

My time at Film Independent was marked by immersive engagement with a vibrant network of industry professionals, shaping my perspective on the collaborative nature of filmmaking. Under the mentorship of seasoned experts, I contributed meaningfully to the success of the Fellowship program while honing my own technical skills. Grateful for the guidance received, I emerged from this internship with a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the film industry and a strengthened resolve to pursue a career in cinematic arts.

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Every film set I have been able to work on!

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Directed by Coral Coad, Written by Jeremy Shinder

Role on Set: Art Department
January 21st and 28th 2023

Tormented by haunting memories of her absent mother, Goldy, an orphaned teenage opium addict, attempts sobriety when shown compassion from the unlikeliest of creatures.

On this Stop Motion set, I worked within the art department. I created the backgrounds of many scenes, painting, sewing and sculpting. In addition to this, I was also hands on in the stop motion process. Slowly moving each character throughout their scenes. 

The Winter Spring

Written and Directed by Bryan Crowe Jr.

Role on Set: Assistant Director
February 17th-19th 2023

A short film following the trials and tribulations of a group of belligerent high school students during their occupation protest of their city's courthouse

I was the Assistant Director on this set. Within this position, I handled the cast and crew, coordinating the production of this film. I prepared call sheets, kept track of on set progress, and helped the director through any issue they might have been facing while creating this film.

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