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Within Art and Media

This page includes exhibitions, publications, as well as video series I have created.


Reflection Episode 1.png
Reflection is a new Youtube series I have created, inspired by my previous one, Natural Living. As I have watched the Natural Living series, I noticed that these videos only showcase the positive moments of my life during that point in time. 

Reflection is a candid exploration sharing both the good and bad things I experience. I speak openly about my thoughts and feelings in each moment. My goal with Reflection is to be honest about my life. When I film these videos I sit down, turn on the camera and talk for however long I want. Then I upload that video directly to Youtube. I make no cuts, I make no changes, I speak then I upload. I want these videos to be as genuine and real as possible. I want to be more expressive about my experiences and feelings and this series has provided myself with a cathartic sense of closure.

Love Thy Throne

Love Thy Throne is an experimental form of concept art I had created and submitted to the magazine, Perception. Perception is an art and poetry magazine made on Syracuse Campus. My art was chosen and published within the Fall 2023 issue. 

I utilized platforms such as Adobe Photoshop to re-create a version of myself I had seen in a dream. Getting a piece of my art published in Perception was an amazing opportunity, I had followed this magazine since I was a freshman on Syracuse Campus. Use the button below to video the full issue.
Perception Publication.png

Beauty in our Moments

On May 2nd, 2023 I had the opportunity to have my video art project in a community showing called Locate Yourself displayed at the Everson Theater through LightWorks. This was a final project showing for my video art class and it was insane to see a project of mine projected within such an amazing space and venue.

The film I had created for this class is called Beauty in our Moments. This video recounted my experience as a filmmaker and displayed moments that I found to be truly beautiful, spent with those around me who matter most. Don't mind the commentary in this video, we were just excited to see my film up there! The original video can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Natural Living

Natural Living is a series I have created on Youtube within my channel. I add to this series at the end of every semester or season. Each video is a culmination of all the videos I take of certain moments of my life, when I remember to do it of course.

It has always been extremely rewarding seeing how each video turns out after they are made. It gives me a moment to see what this particular period of time looked like for me. Even when looking back at some of the earlier videos, it provides me with a sense of introspection. Some of the people from the older videos no longer make an appearance in the newer ones, and this allows me to reflect upon the intricacies of friendships and connections. Click below to view this series. 
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.02.10 PM.png

Witchcraft Series

Within this series, I discussed the history and practice of witchcraft. My aim was to further the viewer's spiritual knowledge and help them along their personal path. I covered topics such as tarot, research, meditation and the Pagan holidays. 

I had the opportunity to collaborate with other spiritual creators within the witchcraft community as well. The whole purpose of this series was to educate and inform people of the world of witchcraft and Paganism. Click below to view this series

Mental Health and Illness Documentary Series

This was a series created for my senior project in high school. However, with the pandemic our senior projects were cancelled due to our school year ending early. Personally, I believed this series was too important to not create, just because I was no longer required to continue it. Within this documentary, I discuss mental health and illnesses such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD, etc. I interviewed students and teachers as well as hosted for this series in order to obtain a well rounded perspective. 
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.31.46 PM.png
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